Boilers working with Boilers: Value of the Boiler Business Exchange

June 30, 2014 6:00 am Comments Off on Boilers working with Boilers: Value of the Boiler Business Exchange

Posted by:  Matt Folk, President of Technology Marketing Corp


Most of us have purchased and sold a home or two in our lives.  Some have done a bunch of research prior to find that “perfect realtor” who will quickly sell your home, help you find a new one, and get you a big fat bundle of cash in the process.  Some of us have worked with the first realtor we bonded with while walking through an open house.  While others of us have worked with someone in the neighborhood who seems “strong” in the market.  I’ve bought, built and sold homes since my days at Purdue and each process has been different depending on the realtor chosen.  I’m now into my 5th time around and I’m selling and plan to build.

This time around though, I’ve been involved in the Boiler Business Exchange and that gave me an idea. The fundamental idea of the BBE was to bring business professionals together in the Indianapolis area to network and increase Purdue’s presence and awareness in town. So, I thought, “Why don’t we take that networking idea a step further and try to get those fans, alumni and “Purdue Business People” working together and supporting each other!”  All things being equal, why not work with a Realtor who is also a Boilermaker.  And since I’m building – go with a contractor who has a Purdue Building Construction Technology or Construction Management Degree. The same would apply when choosing a veterinarian, a website design firm, a landscaping company, or an investment management advisor…. why not work with those folks and companies in town with similar experiences and impressive Boiler backgrounds plus help fellow Alumni and Fans in the process?

Hence the BBE / B2B Exchange (aka Boiler Business-to-Boiler Business Exchange) was born.  It’s worked out great for my home sales process…… much so that I’m using the same process when selecting Insurance Providers, Investment Alternatives, and Contractors….sounds like a Win / Win to me!  Give it a try!